Date of Birth: 18/04/2006

Age Started Playing Tennis: 6

Plays: Right handed, two handed backhand

Favourite Shot: Cross court forehand

Favourite Surface: Acrylic

Tennis Idol: Novak Djokovic because he is an amazing returner and moves around the court really well

Greatest Tennis Achievement: Winning the Audrey Hughes singles and doubles as well as winning the most improved player of the year award from my coach

Hobbies Outside Tennis: Drawing and making comics

Interesting Fact: I lived in Sydney for 4 year and I also play rugby. I have been a ball boy at the Ladies International

I Love Tennis Because...: ...I really love putting time in on court with my coach doing drills and training hard, it's so satisfying. I also love that you only need one other person to play so it's easy to get a game going with my friends.