18th March 2019

Juan-Leonardo Solari gave a great example of how effective our goal setting process can be when managed and fully bought into. Recently, Juan-Leonardo has been finding his serve a tricky challenge, mainly getting enough effective serves into play without double faulting.

For the past 3 weeks we created a clear plan of technique and repetition, managing the level of serve quality into 3 brackets - A, B & C. Juan-Leonardo played a tournament a few weeks back committing only to "C" Grade serves, essentially a very high slow topspin serve. This meant he hardly made a double fault but wasn't effective enough as he was being punished by the returners.

This then progressed to a "B- Serve" which had slightly more speed and a lower trajectory. This serve resulted in some impressive numbers and a tournament victory last weekend!

- 71% first serves in play

- 66% points won behind first serve

- Only 3 double faults in the entire tournament

This is a perfect example of a player committing to a longer term process, improving slowly but steadily and growing as a tennis player. Well done Juan-Leonardo, keep on improving, trusting the process and you'll be serving like Federer in no time!

Also, a quick well done to Srinidhi Madhu, being invited to play with the adult team members as part of Sutton Tennis & Squash Club Ladies team training. Great to see so many of our young players mixing in with the club and adult teams.