3rd March 2019

Liam Channon represented Unito and himself this weekend at the Grade 1 National Tour Finals to become the 10U Champion of Great Britain.

Liam had to earn his achievement the hard way, beating the No.3, No.2 & No.1 seeds on the way to claiming the title.

After a solid first day, his semi final vs No.1 seed and fellow GB player, Herbie Morris, was a testament to Liams growth as a player, beating a very high level opponent with decisive shot selection and brave play at the right times.

In the final Liam found his highest level of tennis, playing Oliver Page from Wales, a quality opponent who had beaten Liam in an epic match at a previous Grade 2. From the start Liam looked like a player who belonged on the big stage, with a crowd watching on, he took his aggressive game style to his opponent, executing under pressure and winning 4-2 4-2.

Liams success is a great lesson to all players in perseverance, dedication and how a true growth mindset can help you flourish and grow as an athlete and a person. This achievement has not come easy, with many obstacles and struggles along the way but Liam has come through them all to become the top player in his age group in the whole of Great Britain.


Well done from everyone at Tennis Unito - inspiring stuff!